Saturday, May 9, 2009

a few more...

i like shooting in between buildings.  it feels compositional to me- the different shades of black and white, the geometric dimensions, the sense of position within the space, and the lack of direct light makes you really notice light when you see it.  in a sense, photography is about finding light.  
i am copying what i have seen before.  for example, John Cohen.
the black triangle at the top left is important, i think, in situating the viewer.  it puts the building into some perspective, and also balances its angles and colors.  

i'm not sure how successful this shot is... it looks better close up.  i do like how the ladder is in focus and straight, but the background is off-kilter and off balance.  

i've been looking at how giacometti creates space.  the frame is really important- it informs everything inside.  without it, you would be looking all over the piece without knowing where to start.  he puts you into the space by cutting out the foot, and makes you want to look in from the right at the angle of his knee to his waist.  i think.  it is sort of starting to make sense to me.

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