Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Emptied Spaces in Chattanooga

Photography is an act of discovery,
of giving a second glance, 

changing your perspective, 

finding places where light and shadow meet,

documenting the empty corners and broken windows,

before they disappear completely.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Catching the Breeze

{Blurs, flashes of light, and color saturation}

I have been busy catching my life in spills and splashes.

Weddings are intersections: realizing who we know and the stories we have in common (Doesn't it always come down to stories?)

I got to see four hands' worth of friends across North Carolina.  I am amazed at how much wider they have made my life.

To be a person among people is the most satisfying existence...

I woke up shivering in the mornings in Boone.  Feeling the cold again is fantastic!  I spent a year in a Honduran summer, and I am ready for a winter.  I stood out one evening at Moses Cone Park near Boone, watching the mountains soak up the darkness. The sky stood a shade apart from the mountains, moving towards monotone.  There are 3 terraces, rising from one another with rock walls.  I have a history in this place, running around the trails, slipping through gnarled barbed-wire fences, reading with a sweater in the cold chills of midterms.  
It gives me a feeling that everything is about to change, to drift, to go head-first into winter...

I hate using natural images all the time, but sometimes they are all I have.  Yesterday I was shooting some photos around abandoned factories in Chattanooga, and thought that they had the grandiosity of mountains, the peril, the ancient decay.  For now, they are what I have.

Poems to Honduras

The way into Honduras 
is a shift in time,
vacuumed airports at one a.m.
to vacuumed airports at four.
outside the drowsy hum of the plane,
time is strung in a silvery 
line between two cities.
Taking off:
a grid of golden stars disappears 
in a constellatory leap;
Landing: the hills have changed,
sprawled like restless sleepers
knotted in their blankets.
The lights are out, but the
stars hang the same,
except they are drooping a bit on the horizon.
And the question forms:  Will there be someone
to find me here?


As you may have noticed, the blog has changed.  

The unfortunately titled "obscurelyilluminated" blog has run its course, and with a new year comes a new title.  

This blog will stay put... hopefully fun things will spill out and be caught again.