Sunday, January 25, 2009


Belated update:

Quite a bit has changed this month so here's the scoop. I moved to a new apartment in Chattanooga, right after Christmas. It is part of a nice old house on the north side of the city, and I'm digging it so far. It is warmer, and has a unique style. Some of my walls are unfinished brick and mortar, which remind me of those crumbling monastaries I saw in Guatemala. In my last place, I never quite felt at home, always waiting for a chance to move. Here, I'm much more at home, with a sense of dwelling. I think our minds are structured much like a house is, and we can find better "fits", just as a hermit crab finds a shell that it can fill into a bit. I guess we seek out places that inspire us, or have a personality. In that sense, we are in a dialogue with the space we inhabit, conforming to it's shape and design, but also working with those boundaries.
Last week, the temperature dropped to 6 degrees, and the pipes in my bedroom cracked. The next morning, they thawed, and as I was brushing my teeth, I heard a trickle, and then a waterfall came through the tiles and filled my room with a few inches of water. The situation was further complicated because I couldn't rinse my mouth after brushing.
Oh yeah, I have no internet at the present, so things are a bit tricky with the blog. I'm doing my best, scout's honor.
Atlanta is becoming a hub for coffee, and the regional and world barista championships will be hosted there this spring!