Friday, June 19, 2009

news (!)

lots lots lots happening.  
i worked at a bakery as barista and and and the world hummed a bit.  the coolest people in chattanooga are at niedlov's.
i moved out of chattanooga on sunday.
i moved to chapel hill, nc on monday.  
i am working in durham at counter culture (!)
i am not sure how any of this happened, but here i am.

i am still formulating some big ideas, but moving eight hours away has taken precedence.  i suppose being a consistent blogger comes in waves.  ideas come in waves.  you've got nothing and still nothing and everything is just a bunch of stuff happening.  and then somehow it makes sense, it is resolved, it gets a word to stand in the place of raw material.  waves, swell, synergy, crest...

other news:  i was published in the sequoyah review (the prints above), although they are almost a year old.  the first was heavily influenced by antoni tapies, one of my favorite spanish artists.  the second is on broad street in chattanooga.  

just for fun, i'd like to include a few videos:

a commercial by michel gondry      (about airplanes) 
and a white stripes video    (about taking the long way home)